City of Tyler, Minnesota

Minnesota's Danish Heartland

January 9, 2012

Regular Meeting

The Tyler City Council was called to order on Monday January 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm.  Present, Mayor Thomsen, Council Members Harper, Mundt, Peterson, Denney, Staff members Williams, Beck, Spindler, Bloch, Powell and guests George Ruhman, Vince Robinson, Jeanna Sommers.

Motion was made by Mundt and seconded by Denney to approve the agenda, passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Peterson and seconded by Denney to approve the minutes of the December 5, 2011 minutes.  Passed unanimously.

No public express

Police Report was given by Spindler- there was 34 calls and 5 citations and 1 administrative citation.

Motion was mde by Mundt and seconded by Denney to approve the partial pay estimate #3 on the water tank in the amount of $4,750.00 passed unanimously.

Vince Robinson was present to discuss the tax abatement for the Schuneman expansion.  The request is to add 1300 sq feet onto the present building.  There will be four additional service bays, small office in the front as well as a combine and 4 wheel drive wash bay.  They would also likely employ 3 new mechanics.  There needs to be a public hearing notice published two times in the paper and the public hearing will be set for the scheduled City Council Meeting on February 6, 2012.  Motion was made by Petersen and seconded by Mundt to proceed with the public hearing for the tax abatement for Schuneman's and passed unanimously.

Motion was mde by Harper and seconded by Mundt to allow TRED to move forward with the financials for the REED loan to Schoneman's.

Jeanna Sommers was present regarding the emergency siren follow up, the cost would be $13,500.00 and the Sheriff's Office will operate it.  We will qualify for a grant or a loan.  This has nothing to do with the grant with Stony Point but rather an enhancement for Tyler city limits.  A motion was made by Denney and seconded by Peterson to make the application for a new more enhanced emergency siren.  Passed unanimously.

The police officer hire recommendation- there were seven applications 4 had law experience.  The motion was made on behalf of the subcommittee that we hire Eric Bloch as the new officer for the City of Tyler with a 6 month probation period made by Harper seconded by Denney.  Passed unanimously.

The City of Tyler makes a $1,500.00 donation to TACC every year.  It is recommended by the subcommittee that TACC comes twice a year to the City Council meetings so the council knows what is going on.

Motion was made by Harper and seconded by Denney that the salary schedule for the year 2012 be raised an average of 3%.  Councilman Denney made the comment that employees should not expect increases annually.  Passed unanimously.

Utility superintendent gave a report- they are doing some tree timming and stump removal.  Dean will do a list of the stumps that remain and thedamaged trees and standing trunks so there will be a count.  Bob is not going to have surgery. The personal committee will get together on what to do with the part time utility person and ge back to the council.  For now, the temp employee will be let go on January 31, 2012.

Motion by Mundt seconded by Denney for Resolution 12-1 to replace Resolution 11-5 about the water rates so it is absolutely clear what we are charging for water.  Passed unanimously.

Motion made by Mundt and seconded by Peterson to approve the payment from the LMCIT to pay Avera Healthcare in the amount of $38,664.00 for the ambulance garage.

The city land tenant would like to make some improvements it was decided to wait until the end of December 2012 to see who gets the lease bid for the next year for the tenant to do the improvements.

Motion was made by Mundt, seconded by Harper to approve the bills and passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Mund and seconded by Peterson to adjourn the meeting and passed unanimously.



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