City of Tyler, Minnesota

Minnesota's Danish Heartland

June 20, 2005

1.      A special meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:08 p.m., on June 20, 2005, at the Tyler Fire Hall.  Mayor VanDeVere and Council Members Hunt and Williamson present.  Staff Present: Wibben.  Guests Present: Tamara Koopman and Lyle Lamote.


2.      The purpose of the meeting was to review and discuss the 2005 City Audit Report.  Tamara Koopman from Meukebroeck, Taubert, & Company reviewed the entire report and explained how the new GASB 34 requirements have had a negative affect on the City of Tyler’s budget due to the depreciation schedule for the streets and natural gas.  After lengthy discussion, a motion was made by Williamson to approve the 2005 City Audit Report and seconded by Hunt. Motion carried unanimously. 


3.      Lyle Lamote, representing the Snowmobile Club was present to request a one day liquor license for the Fourth of July celebration.  A motion was made by Hunt to approve the one day liquor license contingent on approval from the police chief.  The motion was seconded by Williamson and carried unanimously.


4.      There being no further business before the Council, Mayor VanDeVere adjourned the meeting at 8:45 p.m.


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