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October 5, 2009


October 5, 2009



  1. The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m., on October 5, 2009, at the Tyler fire Hall. Mayor Lutterman and Council Members Denney, Mundt, and Clark were present. Council Member Thomsen was absent. Staff Present: Petersen, Beck, Nafziger, and Tolsma. Guests Present: Doug Hess, Wally Christensen, Kullen Stanek, Curt Madsen, and Bill Clark.


  1. The agenda was approved by the Council. Motion was made by Clark, seconded by Denney, and unanimously carried.


  1. The September 14th, 2009 minutes were approved. Motion was made by Clark, seconded by Mundt, and unanimously carried.


  1. The September 25th, 2009 special meeting minutes were approved. Motion was made by Denney, seconded by Mundt, and unanimously carried.


  1. Under Public Express no items were discussed.


  1. Curt Madsen was present to discuss the utility charge at the fairgrounds. Madsen stated that the utility bill for the fairgrounds was higher than expected and wanted to know if the City would be able to provide any assistance or waive some of the charge. Madsen also questioned whether or not it would be possible to disconnect the majority of the lights until next summer when they will be needed again. Mayor Lutterman figured that the lights were only costing $18 dollars a month and asked. Council Member Mundt made a recommendation to calculate the electricity used for a one month period and make a decision based on the results. Madsen also inquired about the City’s possible involvement in converting overhead power lines to underground at the Danebod Complex for lighting. The Council agreed to consider the matter further once more details were discussed with them.


  1. Wally Christensen was present to discuss the clubhouse remodel and expansion project with the Council. Christensen requested the City to provide utility infrastructure improvements at the clubhouse in an amount not to exceed $100,000. Christensen noted that the utility improvements will be necessary to bring the facility into compliance with many different code issues. Christensen also stated that the facility will also provide a pilot’s lounge, which will solve many regulatory issues with the Minnesota Office of Aeronautics. Council Member Denney stated that an event center project has been discussed for several years in Tyler and that he felt that the project was a good opportunity for the City to finally get something built. Council Member Mundt asked if the newly clubhouse would host many of the events that are currently provided at no cost by the Legion. Christensen replied that he did not see a reason why those events wouldn’t be held at the remodeled facility. Motion made by Denney, seconded by Clark, and carried 4-0 to authorize up to $100,000 for infrastructure work to be completed at the golf course.


  1. Kullen Stanek was present to discuss the renewal of the City’s insurance policy. Stanek noted that overall premium decreased by $3,889 mainly due to the removal of the hospital from the policy. Stanek stated that the Council would need to decide whether or not to waive the liability limit, whether or not to raise the deductible amount, and whether or not it wanted to add equipment breakdown coverage. Motion was made by Lutterman, seconded by Clark, and carried unanimously 4-0 to waive the liability limit. Motion was made by Clark, seconded by Denney, and carried 3-1 with Mundt dissenting to raise the deductible from $250 to $500. The Council took no action concerning the equipment breakdown coverage.


  1. Police Officer Nate Nafziger was present to give the police report. The Council had no questions about the report.


  1. City Attorney Glen Petersen was present to give his report. Petersen discussed some possibilities for financing the clubhouse project. Petersen also stated that he would need to do some research on the laws regarding expenses related to a facility that is technically on City-owned property.


  1. Utility Superintendent Dean Beck was present to give his report. Beck informed the Council that the pool has been winterized and that he is currently looking at costs related to street repairs next summer. Beck also noted that he talked to an individual about getting the tennis court repaired using the same crack filling compound that is used to repair streets.


  1. City Administrator Tolsma was present to give his report. Tolsma noted that Lincoln County Office of the Assessor is requesting one Council Member from Tyler to attend an upcoming class so that the Tyler City Council can legally act the local board of appeal and equalization. The Council agreed to nominate one member at the next meeting.


  1. Mayor Lutterman was present to give his report. Lutterman asked the other members of the Council how they wanted to proceed regarding the Legion building. The Council agreed to invite members of the Legion to the next meeting and discuss the future of the building.


  1. Motion was made by Denney, seconded by Mundt, and unanimously carried to approve the bills.


  1. There being no further business before the Council, Mayor Lutterman adjourned the meeting at 8:38 p.m. Motion made by Denney, seconded by Clark, and unanimously carried to adjourn.
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