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April 7, 2008


April 7, 2008

(Pending Approval)


1.      The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m., on April 7, 2008 at the Tyler Fire Hall.  Mayor Harper and Council Members Manson, Mundt, and Williamson present.  Staff Present: Beck, Luger, Nafziger, and Petersen. 


2.      The agenda, the March 3, 2008, and the March 20, 2008 minutes were unanimously approved by the Council. 


3.      No items were presented under public express.


4.      Manson motioned to approve the nine foot variance for the rear yard setback as requested by Clair Drake.  Seconded by Mundt and approved unanimously.


5.      Manson motioned to approve the five foot variance for the front yard setback as requested by Kevin and Erin Owen.  Seconded by Mundt and approved unanimously.


6.      The Council discussed Tyler Electric’s proposal to close the south entrance and create a new entrance north of the building.  After some discussion, the Council agreed that they do not have any objections to the proposal.


7.      Nafziger gave the monthly police report where he stated that the police department received 36 calls for service last month.  The biggest call this month is the report of vandalism on the 200 block of Linwood Street. 


8.      Motion by Manson to remove an individual from the Tyler Fire Department due to a violation of Article 10, Section 1 of the Tyler Fire Department By-Laws.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


9.      Tim O’Leary the chairperson of TRED was present to propose having a joint meeting between the City Council and TRED to discuss possible locations for future housing subdivisions.  The Council decided that this would be a beneficial meeting to have; O’Leary agreed to arrange a meeting date and time.


10.  Luger informed the Council that there is a lack of applicants for the lifeguard positions.  To attract more applicants, Luger suggested the City once again reimburse individuals for the lifeguard training course once they work at the Tyler Pool for 60 hours.  The Council agreed to offer this incentive program for the 2008 season.


Luger also mentioned that some of the applicants have requested an increase in the pool wages.  Currently the managers make a starting wage of $8.00 an hour and the lifeguards make a starting wage of $6.00 an hour.  The Council reviewed the wages and agreed the current wages are sufficient and should not be raised.


11.  Motion by Mundt to raise the monthly camping rate with electric from $150.00 per month to $175.00 per month and to approve a seasonal rate of $600.00.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


12.  Luger presented the list of bids for backhoe and the mowing of the ball fields.  Harper motioned to accept the lowest bid of $90.00 for backhoe digging from Thomas Plumbing and the lowest bid of $59.00 for the mowing of the ball fields from Cade Drake.  Seconded by Manson and approved unanimously.


13.  Beck gave the monthly utility report where he presented the utility equipment list to the Council.  Beck also requested authorization to purchase a new lawnmower and trade in the old lawnmower.  Motion by Manson to trade in the old lawnmower and purchase a new one for $1,411.12.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


14.  Luger reminded the Council that the Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting is on Monday, April 21, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.  She also presented the deputy registrar review and mentioned that a union contract for the police chief should be ready for Council approval at the May meeting.


15.  Motion by Mundt to accept Kristi Luger’s resignation effective April 18, 2008.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


16.  Harper reported that he is continuing to research a suitable immigration resolution.


17.  Motion by Manson to approve the bills.  Seconded by Mundt and approved unanimously.


18.  There being no further business before the Council, Mayor Harper adjourned the meeting at 8:53 p.m.    





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