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July 7, 2008

Tyler City Council Minutes

July 7, 2008

(Pending Approval)


The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:01 p.m., on July 7, 2008 at the Tyler Fire Hall. Mayor Harper and Council Members Manson, Mundt, and Williamson present. Staff present: Beck, Ibisch, Stanek, Petersen, and Spindler.


The agenda was amended to include a Mayor’s report and both the agenda and June 2, 2008 were unanimously approved by the Council.


Kullen Stanek gave a report detailing the options for the city in terms of long and short term disability insurance.  It was found to be unbeneficial for the City to only cover John Spindler by himself, so citywide plans were discussed.  The Unum Plan was more expensive; however it provides guaranteed coverage whereas the Guardian Plan was more affordable but did not cover preexisting problems.  Motion made by Manson, seconded by Mundt to accept Unum plan depending on whether the Plan could divide into just short-term or long-term and depending on if the short-term by itself was $4000 or less.  Approved unanimously.


Chief Spindler gave his monthly report and MSC to approve.  There was a brief discussion of the number of burglaries in the past month.  Chief Spindler also spoke about the golf cart policy.  It seems some problems have been reported with people not getting a doctor’s note each year that they reapply.  Will inform staff to start checking for this again.


Glen Petersen was present to give TRED report.  The Lease Agreement between the City and Douglas Faaborg was put into its final format.  Motion Manson, second Williamson to alter to 60 day termination at end of lease.  Passed unanimously.


Petersen made a Special Allocation request for TRED from the City; he noted that TRED did not make requests often.  Discussion ensued.  Motion Mundt, second Mayor Harper to move $33,000 from city reserves to TRED for the Tyler Street Project.  Motion passed unanimously with Manson abstaining.


Motion Manson, second Mundt to shift $15,000 from city reserves to TRED for other project requests.  Motion passed unanimously.


Petersen mentioned that the old Cenex building now has a tenant.


George Ruhmann approved as the new TRED board member.

Mayor Harper reported that he sent out a letter to inform a business owner that they needed to get a building permit for the fence that they were building as well as having a public hearing on the matter.

Dean Beck mad his report and noted that he had made agreements with the county to facilitate sand and salt distribution in the winter.  Also the patching is nearly complete and Bob Zeug is trying to pin down a date to work on electrical substations.  Aug. 2nd was mentioned.  Beck noted that tree removal was almost complete at the campground and that repairs to a fence on the property line would be going ahead.  Beck talked about the possibility for installing a septic tank or a holding tank at the campground.  The septic tank costs at least $7500, but it would not take as much maintenance.  The holding tank costs $3000, but it would need to be emptied at least twice a summer at a cost of $145 or so.  The council was interested in how this would match up with state regulations and the topic was tabled to be taken up at the next meeting.  Finally, Dean Beck indicated that the truck bids were not realistic, being only one bid of $326.  He recommended that the city dispose of the truck itself. Motion Manson, second Mundt to have the city dispose of the truck itself.  Carried unanimously.


Dean Beck’s pay was discussed, and it was found that it had indeed begun at $18 dollars an hour.  Dean was commended for his fine work.  Motion Manson, second Williamson to raise Dean’s pay from $18 to $20.  Will apply retroactively to June 1st.  Carried unanimously. 


Motion by Manson to approve the bills, seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


There being no further business before the Council, Mayor Harper adjourned the meeting at 9:08 p.m.

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