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City of Tyler, Minnesota
Minnesota's Danish Heartland

December 5, 2005

1.      The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:08 p.m., on December 5, 2005, at the Tyler Fire Hall.  Mayor VanDeVere and Council Members Harper, Hunt, and Williamson present.  Staff Present: Luger, Lutterman, Petersen, and Spindler. Guest Present: Bill Helget from Bolton and Menk.


2.      Petersen mentioned that the purpose of the public hearing is for the public to comment on the city code and the zoning map.  He recommended that the Council defer action until the January 9, 2006 council meeting since the changes recommended by the city code committee had not been implemented.  Motion by Williamson to close the public hearing.  Seconded by Harper and approved unanimously. 


3.      Motion by Williamson to approve the agenda with one addition.  Seconded by Carmany and approved unanimously.


4.      Motion by Hunt to approve the November 7, 2005 minutes.  Seconded by Harper and approved unanimously.


5.      Calvin and Lois Nielsen commented on having their driveway plowed in whenever they clear their driveway and sidewalk.  Lois asked if it is a requirement to clear the sidewalks; VanDeVere stated that it will be once the new city code is adopted.


6.      Bill Helget, from Bolton and Menk explained some of the costs associated with Partial Pay Estimate No. 7.  VanDeVere asked if the costs were legitimate and if money is still being withheld from McLaughlin and Schultz.  Helget assured that the costs associated with Partial Pay Estimate No. 7 are legitimate and recommended payment.  Motion by Carmany to pay Partial Pay Estimate No. 7 in the amount of $12,038.88 to McLaughlin and Schultz.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


7.      Luger informed the Council of the new state law that requires all cities to adopt an out-of-state travel policy for elected officials by January 1, 2006.  Hunt asked if every city is required to have an out-of-state travel policy.  Luger responded that every city is required to have a policy regardless of population.  Motion by Harper to accept the elected official out-of-state travel policy as presented.  Seconded by Hunt and approved unanimously.


8.      Luger explained the situation regarding snow removal at the airport.  Petersen asked how long it takes to clear the airport; VanDeVere stated that it took the City almost an entire day to clear it because of its size.  Harper questioned if the avid pilots fly during the winter and if closing the airport would have a major impact on them.


After some discussion, VanDeVere questioned if the City can justify the costs of keeping the airport open during the winter for a minimal amount of pilots.  Hunt believed that because the City has an airport, the City has an obligation to maintain it.  Harper suggested contacting the pilots who lease hangars at the airport and ask them how often they plan to use the airport during the winter.  He also recommended contacting the FAA and asking them about the temporary closing procedure.  The Council agreed to table the issue until the continuation hearing on Thursday, December 8, 2005 to research the manner further.    


9.      Petersen gave the monthly report for TRED where he informed the Council that an individual is interested in building an airplane maintenance shed at the airport.  He also mentioned that the Kruegers have officially closed on the property located in the Brouwer’s Addition and that TRED has secured a purchase option with the owners of the old hospital building.


10.  Luger presented to the Council the personnel committee’s recommendations regarding sick time payout when an employee voluntarily resigns.  After 5 years of employment, the employee would be paid 20% of their sick time, after 10 years, they would receive 30% of their sick time, and after 20 years of employment, the employee would be paid 50% of their sick time.  Motion by Hunt to approve the sick time payout as presented.  Seconded by Carmany and approved unanimously.   


Hunt explained the logic behind the proposed 2006 salaries, which involved an extensive salary study.  Hunt also mentioned that the personnel committee recommends providing health insurance for the head librarian position.  Motion by Williamson to accept the 2006 salaries and health insurance for the librarian position.  Seconded by Hunt and approved unanimously.  VanDeVere abstained from the vote.


Williamson informed the Council on the progress of filling the police officer position.  The personnel committee has interviewed seven candidates, but has decided to keep the position open to find a more suitable candidate.     


11.  Spindler gave the monthly report for the police department where he mentioned a missing person report that occurred on Thanksgiving Day.  He also stated that the police department received a grant to purchase new software and a first-aid kit. 


VanDeVere asked if the police department has been involved with ticketing cars during the snow emergency; Spindler stated that he knocked on six doors.  VanDeVere mentioned that during the first snowfall he handed out seven warnings and on the second snowfall he handed out six.  Spindler asked VanDeVere what time the utility department begins removing snow, VanDeVere responded with 5:00 a.m.


12.  Lutterman gave the monthly utility report where he requested that the public be made aware that the City is not responsible for any damage made to mailboxes.  Recently, a cluster of seven mailboxes on East Hughes Street were badly damaged; the affected residents firmly believed that the snowplow hit their mailboxes and would like the City to replace them. 


After some discussion regarding the incident with the East Hughes’ residents and the post office installation requirements, the Council agreed that the City is not liable for damaged mailboxes.  Motion by Harper for Petersen and Luger to develop an ordinance regarding mailbox damage.  Seconded by Carmany and approved unanimously. 


13.  VanDeVere gave the utility board report where he mentioned that one resident has worked out a special payment arrangement during the cold winter months.  He also stated that the two residents who served on the board are interested in serving next year. 


14.  Luger updated the Council on a topic discussed last month; she informed the Council that the hospital lease payments do cover the REA and Clinic Addition payments.  She also informed the Council that the public access channel is currently not working due to an upgrade she had made to the system.  The problem should be fixed in the next couple of weeks.  Luger also mentioned that she had received the continuing disclosure report, which is now available for review.


15.  VanDeVere mentioned that the City had received $601 from Shaokatan Charity last month, which was not designated.  VanDeVere would like to use the money to improve the concession stand.  Motion by Harper to use the Shaokatan Charity funds for the concession stand.  Seconded by Carmany and approved unanimously.


16.  Lutterman had a bill from Jerry Jagt Underground for $1,335 to add to the list of bills.  Motion by Carmany to approve the bills.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously.


17.  There being no further business before the Council, Mayor VanDeVere adjourned the meeting at 8:41 p.m.

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