City of Tyler, Minnesota

Minnesota's Danish Heartland

December 8, 2005

1.      A special meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 5:05 p.m., on December 8, 2005, at the Tyler Fire Hall.  Mayor VanDeVere and Council Members Carmany, Harper, Hunt, and Williamson present.  Staff Present: Luger and Spindler. 


2.      The Council listened to the opinions of pilots who were present at the meeting and to their suggestions for removing snow at the airport.  Luger informed the Council of the official closing procedure, which involves calling the Automated Flight Station, turning off the lights, and setting out large yellow “X’s” to inform pilots during the day that the airport is closed.  She also mentioned that some State funding may be cut as a result of the temporary closing. 


After some discussion the Council agreed to keep the airport open during the winter and to hire Wayne Pearson at $95.00 an hour to remove snow.  Motion by Harper to keep the airport open during the winter.  Seconded by Carmany and approved unanimously.


3.      The Council discussed the minor changes made to the budget since the initial budget hearing and agreed to add $1,000 to the airport budget for snow removal.  Motion by VanDeVere to set the 2006 tax levy at ten percent.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously. 


Motion by Carmany to approve the 2006 budget with one addition.  Seconded by Hunt and approved unanimously.


4.      Luger informed the Council of the discussion she had with Petersen regarding the snowplow damaging mailboxes.  Luger and Petersen believed the City should reimburse residents up to $20 who have had their mailbox damage by the actual snowplow, which would be determined by an investigation.  Most of the Council members agreed that mailboxes will continue to be damaged with the current post office installation requirements; reimbursing the residents would cost the City more time and money than necessary.  


Spindler mentioned that he had met with Lynn, the Tyler Postmaster about changing the setback requirements of the mailboxes; she told Spindler that she could not change the post office regulations.  After some discussion, the Council agreed to establish recommended setback requirements and to encourage residents to place their mailbox on a swinging pole to avoid further damage.  The Council decided to reimburse the Hughes Street residents for a new mailbox up to $20 and to develop a policy which states the City is not responsible for any damage made to mailboxes unless the snowplow jumps the curb.


5.      Luger notified the Council of a redevelopment grant that TRED is applying for.  The grant would be used to demolish the old hospital building and develop a parking lot for the hospital and a landlocked park.  The resolution is a requirement of the grant application, which states that the City is eligible to apply for the grant.  Motion by Harper to adopt the redevelopment grant program resolution.  Seconded by Williamson and approved unanimously. 


6.      There being no further business before the Council, Mayor VanDeVere adjourned the meeting at 6:20 p.m.

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