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City of Tyler, Minnesota
Minnesota's Danish Heartland

May 4, 2009


May 4, 2009



  1. The regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m., on May 4, 2009, at the Tyler fire Hall. Mayor Lutterman and Council Members Denney, Mundt, Clark and Thomsen present. Staff Present: Petersen, Spindler, Nielsen, and Tolsma. Guests Present: Matt Taubert, Bill Helget, Matt Maes, and Ron Persoon.


  1. The agenda with an addendum of the Community Center and the April 6, 2009 minutes were unanimously approved by the Council.


  1. Under Public Express the Council discussed the renewal of Beverly Johnson’s golf cart permit that had been tabled since the April 6 meeting. Motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously to approve the permit.


  1. Police Chief John Spindler was present to give his report. Spindler noted that the amount of calls received for the month of April was similar to previous months and that the Police were seeing a slight increase in dog related incidents.


  1. Matt Taubert of Meulebroeck, Taubert & Co. was present to review the completed audit of the City’s finances for the 2008 fiscal year. Matt noted that the City’s general fund was in good shape and that the City’s electric, gas, and wastewater funds were all self-sustaining for the year. Matt also discussed the need to make the City’s water and refuse funds self-sustaining in future years due to requirements by the Office of the State Auditor to make all utility services self-sustaining. Matt said he would be willing to meet with, and assist City Staff in the future.


  1. Bill Helget of Bolten & Menk, Inc. was present to give a report on the water project and USDA Rural Development grant application. Bill discussed adding more items to the overall project because it could potentially increase the amount of grant funding received. Bill stated that items can be removed from the project at a later date, but items cannot be added so it was in the best interest of the City to add items to the project list now. Bill also presented a diagram of the proposed improvements to the Council with computer generated images of what a new water tower would look like. Motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously to submit the grant application to Rural Development.


  1. Matt Maes of Waste Management was present to discuss the increased costs of continuing operations in Tyler and the reduced revenue generated by cardboard. Matt noted that Lincoln County had agreed to pay $4,874 per year to assist with paying for the collection service. Motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously to keep Waste Management as the recycling service provider.



  1. Ron Persoon was present to answer any questions and to give details about his variance request. After discussing the Code requirements and proposed location of the fence and deck, the Council and Staff agreed that no variance was needed.


  1. City Attorney Glen Petersen was present to give his report. Petersen noted that he was waiting to hear back from the Tyler Healthcare administrator regarding the property insurance and that he would meet with Administrator Kruger to get the issue resolved.


  1. Utility Superintendent Dean Beck was present to give his report. Beck stated that they had sold a tractor to CHS for $2,500 and purchased a new breaker. A part time employee had also been hired to fill in until Dave recovered. Beck also reported that the utilities workers moved 2 gas services and that MC&R had begun work on pool.


  1. The City Council okayed the community center survey that had been prepared by the community center committee and agreed to send it out to all tax paying residents of the City.


  1. Mayor Lutterman had nothing to report.


  1. Motion was made, seconded, and carried unanimously to approve the bills.


  1. There being no further business before the Council, Mayor Lutterman adjourned the meeting at 9:25 p.m.

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