City of Tyler, Minnesota

Minnesota's Danish Heartland

June 2, 2008

                                     TYLER CITY COUNCIL MINUTES

                                                          June 2, 2008

                                                    (Pending Approval)


The  regularly scheduled meeting of the Tyler City Council was called to order at 7:05 p.m., on June 2, 2008 at the Tyler Fire Hall.  Mayor Harper and Council Members Manson, Mundt, Denney, and Williamson present.  Staff present: Back, Nielsen, Spindler, and Petersen.


The agenda, the April 21, 2008 special meeting and May 5, 2008 minutes were unanimously approved by the Council.


Merv Peterson, of Tyler Reality and Kevin Johnson were present in regards to the Steve Girgen property.  Kevin is contemplating buying the property and was asking the City for help in the demolition process.  The feeling of the Council was that if they help one individual others would be asking.  There was no action at this time.


Chief Spindler gave his monthly report and MSC to approve.  There was a short discussion on the union contract and it was approved.


Tim O’Leary was present to give a TRED report.  There was some discussion on the houses to be torn down on main street.  Anna Mae Fischer was also offering to sell her house also.  Discussion was also held on the culdasac on Cedar street in regards to vacating it to make more lots available for development.  Along with the Tred report a TIFF issue about interest was brought up in regard to Don Sandberg.  Motion was made by Darrel to waive the interest for 2008.  Seconded by Manson and approved unanimously. 


Manson made a motion to pass a resolution to authorize TRED to access funds.


The council looked over a letter that Greg Peter had submitted to them in regard to Mediacom and their extra charge for franchise fees.  It was his belief that the customer was already paying that fee.  It was decided to ask a Mediacom representative to come to the July meeting for an explanation. 


Prior to the utility report by Dean Beck, Bob Zeug, lineman of the utilities department was present to ask for guidance in the upgraded of some of the electrical issues in town.  Some things are outdated and some things are good such as breakers that just need maintaining to prevent any serious incidents.  The council informed Bob that he would not be liable, and that the City would be responsible for any accidents.   He asked for permission to have Darwin Lutterman available because of his knowledge.  To accomplish this upgrade Bob was asking for more time to spend on it.  In Dean Becks utility report he suggested maybe hiring an extra person to free up some time for Bob.  Also, Dean talked about changing the curb stop policy as far as who is responsible.  He would like to see the homeowner 100% responsible.  It was decided to wait for the new City Administrator to create a new policy.  Dean reported that the pool was ready to go.



In regards to the hiring of a new City Administrator, the Council went over the applications and then chose 4 applicants to interview.  They chose Bill Boyer, Dennis Nelsen, Tim Ibisch and Patrick Reig.  Interviews will be June 14th starting at 9:00 at the Fire Hall.


Motion by Manson to approve the bills with a  bill from Knudsen Standard being added.  Seconded by Mundt and approved unanimously. 


There being no further business before the Council, Mayor Harper adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

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